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Exhibition of Chinese art and calligraphy by JAYAMINI DE SILVA

KANDY - Alliance Française de Kandy, from 26 July till 3 August.

Achievements come in different forms. Talking of achievements, she is indeed an example : someone who is the first ever Sri Lankan to obtain a B.A. degree in Chinese art, someone who did not speak a single word of Chinese (not even to say "Hello" in the language) when she arrived in China and who now speaks fluent Chinese : someone who arrived in China not particularly to study Chinese art she says
"to study something in Fine Arts, my choice was drama and theatre"

but ended up specializing in this exotic field of Chinese art and calligraphy. Achievements indeed?




Our introduction to Jayamani de Silva came without any prior preparations. The Alliance Française de Kandy was hosting an exhibition of paintings by artist Yasmin Buckman and Jayamini happened to be a visitor. She ventured on to see us and very simply asked if the Alliance would like to accommodate her exhibition of Chinese art. After Sri Lankan, French, Indian and even Russian art... what would keep us away from discovering China through the wonderful medium of art? And so, here we are today on the eve of the opening of Jayamini's exhibition of Chinese art and calligraphy.

"STHREE" (Woman) is the theme chosen by Jayamini and I feel she does justice to her sentiments because she says
"being a woman I can identify myself closely with other women".

What does Jayamini considers as her favorite theme? Mainly, Women then harmony, joy, togetherness amongst others. And "what are your favourite colours" I ask Jayamini thinking she would perhaps says "Bright colours" - since I associated the artist with my thinking. There she goes
"yellows, dark reds, greens and bright browns... bright colours I would say".

My thinking justified ! And, what material does Jayamini uses in her work - silk with stone colours, ink on rice paper.

But, how did it all start?... Jayamini takes her mind back to 1994 when she was awarded a scholarship by the Chinese Government to study in Beijing. After going through language for one year at the Chinese Language and Cultural University she went on to the world famous Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing from where she graduated after a 4 year course of study. She is today a lecturer in Chinese art at the Department of Fine arts, University of Peradeniya.
"STHREE" (Woman) is an achievement in her own self. Jayamini's exhibition is the finest portrayal of this achievement.

Kusantha Kariyapperuma
Director Alliance Française de Kandy


Exhibition of visual art by young contemporary Indian artists


COLOMBO - Indian Cultural Centre, Lionel Wendt Art Gallery.

KANDY - Alliance Française de Kandy and Assistant High Commission of India.


For the first time in Sri Lanka an exhibition of art by young contemporary Indian painters and sculptors was held in July 2002 in Colombo and Kandy.

Thirteen Indian artists representing different schools of art tooke part in this exhibition and their presentation was a novel of creative styles.

Mohan, Untitled.


Siddharta, College Canteen, acrylic on paper.

The distinctive feature of this group of artists is that they have drawn from diverse parts of India and have been educated at different art Universities.

All thirteen artists have obtained their Masters Degree in Fine arts and are practicing artists. Their creative work have been inspired by traditional, modern and postmodern styles.

Kamal de Roy, Whorshipping Guru Devi in the morning,
plaster of Paris on mats.